Sunday, October 10, 2010

yummy in my tummy

gabe gave me a wonderful gift- a certificate to georgetown cupcakes... so, one free weekend, we took a trip up to dc to enjoy some sugar! it was such a fun trip eating sweets & enjoying the sights. 

Monday, October 4, 2010


so, we decided to enjoy the outdoors, nice weather, and the appalachian trail.... we went camping! it was so much fun to get outside, and enjoy nature...and we had an unexpected little surprise. cannon got sprayed by a skunk! it was the funniest yet most unpleasant experience yet in c-ville. we simply could not believe that he had chased after a skunk and gotten sprayed. when does that ever happen? needless to say, we spent days trying to clean cannon free of the horrible odor. the sad little dog moped around the house staying clear of us, because he knew he stunk. but, the trip overall, was amazingly beautiful.

our first year.

i never knew so much could happen in a year. so blessed to have gone through it all with my best friend!

we had highs & lows- a true adventurous first year of marriage. thank goodness that we had each other through it all. its amazing how much you you can learn from someone.