Wednesday, March 30, 2011

spring hasn't sprung.

this morning on my way to work, i took this picture:
photo # 9.

yep, thats right...pretty yellow flowers, with a light dusting of snow on them. can you believe it? i thought spring was here, but spring hasn't sprung after all.
winter seems to be hanging around.

each season brings with it its own good & bad characteristics. your favorite things, the things you look forward to, and the things you dread. each season has its own. so i thought i'd let yall know what my favorites are. 
spring favorites:

 the first blooms! 

wearing flip flops...toes, be free!

walking in the grass!

driving with the windows down!

so winter, please, please go away! 

seven & eight.

i couldn't help but capture gabe being the real goob that he is- with his sweatpants rolled up so they wouldn't get wet- walking around the park with cannon. he looked a mess. you should have seen him- sweat pants rolled up, pajama shirt, vest, and sportin' the green lifekraze headband. though he is a real goob sometimes- it is why i love him. he is himself, no matter what others think. that alone is something to admire.
photo #7:

spring hasn't sprung yet, but it is beginning to pop out some color here and there, and it truly is a very beautiful thing! the first day of spring was march 20th- and still i feel like winter wont leave! but i did  see these beautiful purple-pink flowers yesterday in the park. so pretty, made my day.
 day #8:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday fun-day.

oh how i love the weekends. - full of fun things to do, or full of nothing at all... both equally as much fun.  this weekend was full of nothing at all. - nothing except yummy food- my favorite of which was today... breakfast. breakfast dates are always my favorite. i love waking up, enjoying a wonderful meal out with the husband, and long conversations over a nice hot cup of coffee. 
so, this morning we did just that- almost- even better... breakfast date and then breakfast dessert! 

photo of day #6:
yep, i like all kinds of donuts. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

project 365.

i love photographs. i love capturing moments, wether they be big or small. they are all memories. parts of your life. so, i've decided to start project 365, which is where i will be taking a picture a day. i will post these pictures- probably not everyday- but will post them in batches. life through photos.

start date - march 22nd, so here are some pictures from the past four days....
margaritas, dog play, smiles & weird nap positions.
and the photo of today:
gabe hates pictures. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

happy day!

thank goodness that 
oh, happy day!

so, its time to smile, role your windows down, let your hair loose, throw your hands (or feet) out the windows, and enjoy the spring air!

Monday, March 21, 2011

two. six.

two. six.
 the big twenty-six.

for my birthday, gabe & i went to DC for the weekend.
lots of memory making.

we stayed in old-town alexandria, my favorite place around DC. it is so charming and cute. the weather was amazing, perfect for wondering around the city, the monuments & museums, and by the potomac river.

we walked around downtown, looking at the monuments, and went through the air & space smithsonian museum, the american indian museum, and the botanical gardens. 

the air and space museum was especially fun for gabe now that he is getting his pilots license. he had so much fun telling me about all the planes, and how they fly and blah blah blah.... it truly is fascinating though!

we went to the MOST amazing dinner @ cafe atlantico for my birthday. it may seriously have been the best food i've ever eaten in my entire life!- and of course, we had our fair share of margaritas! it was such a fun night. 

and gabe surprised me with a shopping spree & the biggest mall i've ever been to! 

& of course, no birthday weekend is complete without a large dose of ice-cream, and on 7th street, we found pintango gelato, which hit the spot!

it was a wonderful 26th birthday weekend! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

me & c.

so gabe is on a business trip to "south by southwest" in austin texas for a full week, which leaves me & cannon home alone all by ourselves. 

cannon and i aren't generally alone, since i work all day long, and then gabe and i are always together at night, so this week was some quality time with the pup. however, "quality time" isn't always perfect. you see, cannon knows that i am a girl, and that gabe is a boy, and he definitely considers gabe the "alpha male" and therefore, listens and obeys him in public. me, the girl, he does not. so, sometimes this makes for an interesting day. (ugh) 
but, we made the most of it, and hopefully he learned that i am just as much his master as gabe is... and that i am more fun. 

sidenote: this post is all about me & cannon, so if you aren't a dog person, then stop reading!... i never EVER thought i'd be one of those annoying people that talks about their pets like they are their children, but sometimes life surprises you. 
i am that person.

we went to the park everyday, at least twice.... 

here he is... classic cannon, fighting with the tree for a chew stick. he thinks life is all about him.

while we were at the park most of the week, i realized that there were the first little signs of SPRING. thank the LORD that spring is coming! 
blooms, color, warmth!

and me.... my nightly routine consisted of snuggling with cannon on the couch with a bowl of ice-cream, and a box of girl scout cookies. this generally doesn't happen (well.....) but since gabe was out of town, i decided i could treat myself, every night. 

the down side for cannon this week, was while i was at work, he had to be in the car (which he generally likes) but hours on end... not so much. poor puppy.

he was my snuggle partner. i missed waking up to gabe's face, and instead, woke up to this:

this is the train that passed by while we were walking in the park... it was the first train that cannon has ever seen/ been pretty close to. he FREAKED out, ran straight at me, and literally hid in between my legs. once the train had passed, he sprinted to the car, and waited for me to let him in. 
poor cannon doesn't like trains.

we are ready for south by southwest to give us back our husband/ dad. but, we did have a lot of fun together, the C-dog and myself.... 
tomorrow he will be back, and everyone will be happier!

Monday, March 14, 2011

dream design.

ok. so, i dream of having an amazingly beautiful house someday out in the country, with lots of wide open space, and a little family running around. recently i've been looking @ pictures of some beautiful interior designs. while i understand that this will probably never happen, i still dream. a girl can dream, right?
 i just love things like this...

so, KITCHENS.. everyone loves a pretty kitchen.
i love white in kitchens, and light, springy, happy colors aren't bad either. 
white, wood, stainless steel and clear glass.... and i'd be happy. 

another thing i love is a big, inviting bed. doesn't really matter what color it all is, but something that looks plush. this bedroom seems so romantic, and charming. it makes me want to get under the covers with a good book & a cup of coffee.

bathrooms are always an important part of the house as well. there are so many details that go into making a house a home, and making one feel comfortable in all rooms. 

somehow, some people can make even their bathroom beautiful, and this picture surely proves that!
its in the details....

an important part of decorating (in my mind) is that you have to have furniture in the right spots. - the right furniture. - not too much, not too little. i love cool organization techniques, and unique ways to have storage space.

i also LOVE texture. i think mixing different textures adds so much to a room/ house. 
love the look/ texture this rug would add.

& the textures of these quilts/ pillow shams... with the ties, again, i think that it is all in the details.

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