Friday, April 29, 2011

travel for "work".

so, i am completely convinced that i have the most amazing job in the entire world. 
this week, gabe and i were flown to key west, florida- to spend the week- so that i can babysit for cute caroline for a few hours every night. thats right, my friends- we have all the days, and late nights to do as we please, and explore key west! it has been so much fun! 

key west is kind of like being in another country- it is so different from many other places i've been- there are parades all the time, music from the streets, bars all over the place with people literally half-naked dancing around in bikinis until the wee hours of the morning, everyone is happy and sunburnt... very sunburnt.

evidently there is no law against carrying an open container of alcohol along the street on walks, so people are strolling through the street, biking through the streets, moped-ing through the street with alcohol in tow- kind of scary, kind of cool, all at the same time. but its true- the beach just isn't the beach without a good cold drink. 

ahhhh, sand between your toes- there is no other feeling like it. beach life sure is fun- riding bikes everywhere, stopping for amazingly fruity delicious drinks, soaking up some serious vitamin D, barefoot, flipflops, bikinis, laughing, ahhhhh. this is truly the life. 

who doesn't love the beach?

the beach is so nice, we've found ourselves looking @ all the houses with "for sale" signs out- maybe move to the florida keys?... one can always dream....

we loved the beach so much that one morning we woke up before the sun, tandem biked to the beach, walked to the end of the pier, and watched the sunrise. it was magnificently beautiful. God truly is so creative, and so giving to us. what a wonderful experience.

of course, we also made our rounds to the typical touristy attractions- because, of course, i wanted photos to prove and to remember our trip by. - and we sure made some good memories.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter weekend.

our happy, long weekend...
our weekend started beautifully. cannon and i layed in the grass, looking up, and this is what we saw... gabe soaring above us. his second solo. fly gabe, fly.

we've been planning & searching & researching & stressing over what car to buy, as we are needing a second car. so, gabe so graciously let me get my dream car! so, a jetta is it! yaaaaay!!

we had a few nice hikes this weekend. we've been making sure we explore all we can and want before heading home for the summer. we watched cannon play in the water, which is a very new thing, as he hates being wet... we hiked around the pond, took naps out in the grass, and soaked in lots of vitamin D.

we went to this really yummy brunch joint - beer run- it was our first time, and it had a wonderful little feeling about it. it is actually a beer/ wine store and little restaurant. they have a wide variety of tasty cocktails, amazing coffee, and unique menu. we had a egg-black bean breakfast burrito, coffee, and bloody mary. it was a fun little easter brunch.

happy easter from the weavers!

Friday, April 22, 2011

my husband, the pilot.

today, we had planned on going car- shopping after gabe's flying lesson, but instead we got a sweet surprise. - his SOLO. thats right... gabe went flying all by himself! 

it wasn't ideal weather though, it started pouring rain while he was up in the air- and he has never flown in the rain before. talk about heart attack- i had one! but, it was crazy cool to watch him fly all over the sky! - of course, i was on the ground clicking photos non-stop, so here are some photos of proof!

he will be soloing two more times, and then will start his training for cross countries- which means he will be flying and landing at other airports... once he has a total of 40 flying hours, he will officially be a pilot- and have his VFR pilot's license. 
i am so proud of my husband!

while i was waiting inside for gabe to finish logging his hours, i saw this cute little sign hanging up that made me smile, so of course, i snapped a pic of it too.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

a first.

today, as i was taking cannon to the dog park while gabe was flying, i saw the most amazing thing- 
four hot air balloons lined up, and getting prepared to take off. they were SO beautiful! it was the perfect day, with a really pretty, clear blue sky.... here are some pictures of what cannon & i sat and watched for 45 minutes:

it was a first for me. i'd never seen these things so close! - they are so big and beautiful.... despite my enormous fear of heights, and falling, i actually kind of wanted to hop in and go for a ride- yes, they were that pretty. 


photos twenty five - thirty one....

april is shaping up to be quite a beautiful month. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

whatever we want.

weekends are now so much fun. the weather is getting warmer, the sunshine is out- no work, all play. we can do whatever we want, and we are embracing that. so, this weekend, we slept in until about noon- cooked amazing veggie omelets, which we never do. 

we then got the itch for apple donuts from carter mountain apple orchard and vineyard.... so we headed down the road and up the mountain to pick up a dozen donuts, half of which we ate on our way to starbucks. thats right. we. are. pigs. so what? live a little, right? 

 then decided to go wine tasting @ keswick vineyards. so pretty, so yummy.

earlier this week i was joking around with gabe, telling him that he has gotten old and boring, and not as go with the flow as he use to be. well, i guess that struck a chord with him, because he decided to prove that it just wasn't so. he planned an outing to somewhere we'd never been, and planned an exploring date for us on sunday. 

we cooked up storms in the kitchen this weekend, having wonderful finger foods, and artisan cheeses, hummus. we popped open some wonderful bottles of special wine we'd saved from michigan, and really just did whatever we wanted.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

spring has sprung.

dogwood trees are so pretty to me. i love when they start to bloom, cause it almost always means there is no going back- spring is here. goodbye winter. we were at the park just enjoying a beautiful day, and i spotted this dogwood tree, just being pretty... thank you God for your wonderful creation!
day 24's photos:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


perfect- perfection.
this is the perfect view- the view that i am longing for @ this very minute.
my sister took this picture from my grandparents house, i can't wait to call this view home again.
 lookout mountain, i love you. 


finally gabe is almost completely back to healthy, and we have been having so much fun actually getting to hang out! before, when he was sick, all he did was lay in the bed all day, and all i did was walk around cleaning & sanitizing. this past week has been much more fun - eating out, walking, hiking, flying, shopping, cooking.
day 18

day 19- spent the afternoon watching gabe take off, and land over and over. - this is me standing @ the fence watching.

love the colors of spring, day 20- the pretty purple flowers @ the park.

i've started journaling, its been good. i use to journal every single day when i was in middle and high school, i loved writing. now, its harder, i think i am more use to typing rather than writing- but i am going old school- by hand. 
day 21:

cannon the little explorer, on our daily walk.

me & the love o' my life on day 23.