Thursday, May 26, 2011

well rested.

sweet country quiet.

we haven't even been in GA for a week yet, barely settled, but already very well rested. 
praise the Lord. 
we really have enjoyed living the country life so far, wide open spaces, cool breezes, grilling out, golf cart rides, tractor riding, bug killing, turkey chasing, and sunset watching. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

say it ain't so.

a few days ago, we were relaxing on the bed & couch...( thats right, the bed & couch, because of the downtown noise, we have moved our mattress into the living area/ kitchen so we can sleep in peace @ night...oh city living.) 
my two boys:

moving is stressful- especially when you are working double time, trying to pack up an apartment in rain, and have company in town (which, was helpful) - so, my sweet husband, realizing i was stressed, gave me some "just because i love you" flowers to make our ever so empty apartment a little prettier while still here.
it is the little things in life....

so, we are finished packing, and we have got to move on... this is our empty apartment, with cannon wondering what happened to his home.

there are lots of things that i will miss about charlottesville- my girlfriends i made in bible study- the beautiful scenery, the charming (but loud) downtown, the wineries, and most of all- my job- sweet, sweet caroline.  how can you not be sad to leave this?

it is a sad, sad day.
i'll miss you sweet caroline.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


it seems as though with every good thing, there is always a bad.... with moving, there is packing. ugh. 
my obsessive compulsive side comes out when i pack- i want everything extremely clean, unbelievably organized, and neat, and labeled, and oooooh .... its an ordeal- and we are right in the middle of that ordeal at this moment. 
this weekend has been full of packing. packing. and more packing. 
t minus 6 days until we are in chattanooga. 
living the country life. 
wide. open. spaces. 
i. can't. wait.

poor little cannon huddled up on our mattress, on his blanket. he's not sure what is going on- he just knows all his home is being packed up into boxes. 

oh to clean an empty apartment.... tons of cleaning supplies we have accumulated. 

everything is about packed up. we are way ahead of schedule. one busy work week left here, and we will be headed south!

Monday, May 9, 2011


when you think of the words "blessing" and "in-laws" you dont often put them together... you hardly ever hear them in the same sentence. but this weekend, i realized what a blessing in-laws are, and what an impact they can have on your life. 
we drove down to snowbird resort, in robbinsville, NC this weekend, for gabe's parent's vow renewal. it was a small affair- just the two kids, the wives, and the grandmother. i didn't really know what to expect, and was curious as to what exactly they'd do. 
it was simple. 
they stood in front of us, facing each other, and poured out their hearts to one another. it is amazing after 35 years of marriage, how close, committed, and loving they are. they are the definition of completing one another.  - it was inspiring. it was a blessing to see that marriage is so beautiful, even after so many years. 
their renewal showed me what their marriage was like, and the example it has set for gabe. - he's such a wonderful husband, its like he was born to be a husband. 
thank you weavers for setting this example.