Friday, June 24, 2011


3 years ago this month, i received this in the mail.... a year and a half later, i married him.

i thank God i checked "yes".

look up.

since being back in chattanooga/ on lookout, we have enjoyed the most beautiful display of God in the sky! ...the sunsets and sunrises have been simply amazing. here are  a few photos of my favorites...

this was taken on my way down the mountain the morning after a huge tornado/storm... the clouds & fog over the valley was stunning!

i took this @ the farm from the porch of the cabin.

from the porch again.

from durham road. 

from the farm.

isn't the Lord amazing?

thank you, dad.

thank you dad for all that you have done for me!

we had a wonderful bbq on fathers day, out at the farm, with all the warrens & all the weavers. 
it was lots of fun!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new job. new office.

yay. yay. yay.
change is good.

this is gabe's first official week at his new job @ cramer development.
- it is a diversified group, so he can live wherever he wants, and isn't tied to an office- so long as he has internet- and he/we are loving it!
since gabe likes some structure and routine, i've made him an office!

i just have a few more pictures to frame & hang, and i wanna put his name on the door- a few little "libby" touches - it is a work in progress.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

summer heat.

oh my goodness gracious.
it. is. hot. 
summer, or at least the summer heat, has officially set in. it is consistently in the high 90's, and humid. 
in this heat, the pool beckons our name!

of course, while we are poolside, the dad always makes an appearance... which is nice.

even though it has been extremely hot, we've been diligent about taking cannon on a nightly walk around the farm, and enjoying the space, and the cooling air. the mornings and late evenings are best for outdoor activities unless you want to be drenched in sweat. it is unbelievably hot. 

two exciting things have happened recently....

#1: there was a fire on the back of the mountain, pretty close to where we are living, and the fire was threatening houses, so they sent the helicopter rescue squad to pick water up out of the nearby ponds, and dump it on the fire to help the on ground firemen. - we were sitting on our porch, watching the helicopter fly back and forth to help put out the fire. it was crazy cool.

#2: our herbs are growing like weeds! - even the ones we planted as seeds! it is so rewarding, you dont even understand. i feel like i am a farmer! 

the funniest thing happened today.... the cat that we keep out @ the farm realized that we are now living there- and is now always at the cabin wanting some attention... well, cannon saw this cat, and they were in a standoff for 20+ minutes. i captured this long stare off ... it was hysterical, neither cat nor dog knew quite what to do.

Monday, June 6, 2011

country happenings.

we are still very much enjoying our time @ the farm.... and while we affectionately call it "the farm" we are also trying to figure out some other name (clever or not) for it. so, if you have any thoughts- share!

but we are enjoying our country time- grilling is our new favorite thing to do. we've been living without a grill until now- and gabe has rekindled his love for all things grilled- literally, our dinners are entirely cooked on the grill.

& of course, we are loving the freedom of having space... we love our after-dinner golfcart rides around the farm.

 cannon has proven his love for all things that move- he LOVES to ride in the golfcart with us.- and our favorite thing about this is that when we start going really fast (which we intentionally do) his ears fly up and stand straight up. we just die laughing everytime. so, i thought i'd capture it in a photo.

we've been busy bee's flying around here... no pun intended. (smile)....
this morning gabe had an EARLY morning flying lesson, and we were up way before the sun. 

we met his new instructor, and they flew around for a while- only a few more hours until he is officially a pilot and can fly ME around. (yikes)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

time to pawwwty.

jennifer graduates! 
CONGRATULATIONS jennifer, baylor class of 2011. 
... it's time to pawwwty!

thursday night, the whole family went to blue plate for a little pre-graduation dinner celebration, and then took a walk on the chattanooga pier. it was such a fun night celebrating jennifer!

friday, june 3, 2011 jennifer GRADUATES!....... after a long wait.... and a short nap from gabe ....

YEAHHHHH jennifer! we are so proud of you!! 
good luck & all our best wishes to you @ samford!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

living simply.

so, we are all settled in @ the farm, thoroughly enjoying the space, the smell, the sun, the quiet.... we've gotten quite a bit of country life activities going on, and we are loving every minute of it. 

we have done our fair share of mowing the fields, riding around on tractors, and simply enjoying all parts of country living. 

cannon has been an indoor dog since birth 2 years ago... now, our little stinky is free to roam, pee, play, and hunt as he pleases. he is an outdoor dog- or at least learning how to be. (smile) 
he had is very first outdoor bath the other day... it was super cute, and gabe enjoyed it as well- it really turned into a water fight. 

we also decided to start growing some herbs! - its something that we've both wanted to do, but just never had the space- but now we have more than enough space, and time to take care of them. we are growing basil, thai basil, rosemary & parsley.

flying, swimming, and enjoying the sunsets have also been "activities" of ours as of late...

( representing LifeKraze!)

living over a bar in charlottesville, on the downtown mall = MISERABLY LOUD
living @ the farm on the back of lookout mountain = PERFECTION