Friday, July 29, 2011

still vacay-ing...

we are still enjoying this loooong week in wisconsin. i swear the days are more than 24 hours here... or maybe it just feels that way because it is light for about 20 of them. it's crazy. 

here are some more photos from our 2nd day @ the air show. 

these are the aeroshell planes- my favorite of the show. they fly in formation, doing aerobatics & fast! 
it was really exciting, and thrilling to watch!

we saw the red bull helicopter, the only helicopter, and pilot in the world able to go upside down, and do flips. it. was. scary. oh. my. word. yikes. heart. attack.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


we spent 8 hours today walking around listening, looking & hearing all kinds of airplane & helicopters. it was such an amazing sight to see what these things are capable of! 
we had a fantastic day!

oshkosh, WI.

where did we decide to go on our family vacation? ... bahamas? europe? colorado? oh no,no no.... we are in OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN. yep, thats right. wisconsin. 
we are here for the world's biggest airshow. it is a week long event, and we are finally here, and ready to  see it all!

here are some photos of the trip up here, and the very first day. 

wisconsin is beautiful ... right now. in the summer. its so nice. 70's, sunny, not humid, and just wonderful. im sitting outside on the patio, typing this. its perfection. 

more photos & stories to come as we enjoy this week full of airplanes!

PILOT! & 1st flight!

gabe is a pilot!
i can barely believe that he actually has is license, and can fly me around!
i am so proud of him!

so, on friday, july 22nd, gabe took me on our very first flight! 
i thought i was going to be terrified, because i've only known, and been comfortable flying with my dad, - but it was a blast! i wanted to document all 46 minutes of the flight. haha, so i have lots of photos, and lots of video, that i'll be editing, and putting up soon. but, here are some of my favorites. 

YAY for ground! 
we (he) did it!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

girls weekend.

a few times throughout each year, my college girls and i get together for little reunions, just the four of us. - this year there were five of us! we had our first kiddo join the weekend- it was such a fun time! 
we all traveled to st.louis to enjoy a weekend full of playing with the baby, shopping, eating, eating & eating, getting our nails done, relaxing, talking, drinking, and eating! 

all four of us. - my favorites. 

we went to this really cool, old-timey ice-cream shop, listened to soap operas while sitting in a booth eating our yummies. 

joey & myself watching little jakey in the back seat. 

hahaaa... jenna pretending she is jake.

me, joe & megs.

gabe's grandparents old house- such a cute house!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


we spent the 4th of july relaxing, mowing, watching soccer, and catching up with friends & family. we had a fun morning to ourselves, still getting settled into the new place, mowing the fields, and of course, napping- isn't that what you do on holidays? it is like your body just knows that since you dont have work, you must nap. i love it.

we started off the day with some patriotic strawberries, and some red, white & blue pancakes!

we mowed, and mowed, and mowed.... grass sure does grow!

everyone loves nap time- especially cannon. and yes, this is how he napped that day. pretty hysterical, huh? i just LOVE this dog.

our 4th of july celebrations - soccer game, and hanging with friends... so. much. fun. 
we love hanging out with ross, brit & jon.