Sunday, August 28, 2011

it's official!

this week gabe received his pilot's license in the mail! 
yay! we are so proud!

sweet saturday.

sweet. sweet. saturday.
nap day. lazy day.

morning snuggle time.

breakfast date. my favorite.

glass o wine & saturday sunset.

Friday, August 26, 2011

cousins come to town.

our cousins, that are from california, but have been living in italy, came to town!!
they are so much fun. it is especially fun to have a boy running around the house, and that is related to us! we are so NOT use to having boys around. it is hysterically fun. 

we shot guns, fished, golf carts, go carts, racing, flying, helicoptering, watched movies, swam.
so. crazy. busy.

cannon & nick are best buddies now. they LOVED riding together. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dinner & a game.

tonight we cooked in, and by "we", i really mean gabe.... he made us a fantastic dinner! 
the photos will not do it justice. but it was amazing. 
tomato, mozzarella, balsamic salad w/ steak, and fried okra. 

then, after the scrumptious dinner, we made our way to the lookouts game! it was our first one this summer, and it was so nice to sit out in the cool breeze of the night, and drink a beer, and chat with friends.... 

Monday, August 15, 2011

tortilla soup.

for the second night of cookbook cooking, i made chicken tortilla soup, from scratch - it was well worth it.
along with a spinach, strawberry, goat cheese, almond salad. 

i even made the tortilla strips!

success on a monday night!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

cooking challenge.

so this was gabe's face when i told him that i was going to accept his challenge of not eating out this whole week! - he loves eating out- & so do i... but we are going to cook all meals in this week, so i thought i'd document the fun things that we make.

tonight for dinner.... we really just had this craving for a good burger, and thats just what we did. 
burgers & sweet potato fries. yum.yum.

for lunch this afternoon we made fruit smoothies.... my favorite. 
strawberry. grape. blueberry. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

sister sushi.

sister sushi night.
we spent dinner out @ sushi nabi- yummy yum yum yum.... just eating sushi, and laughing, laughing, laughing. it was such a good night. 

friday night flight.

last night was a beautifully clear night for some flying...
so, we took "granny" (gabe's grandmother) up for a flight. 

she thoroughly enjoyed cruising over the city, river, and the mountains. 

we all enjoyed the views...

gabe is such a good pilot.... taking care of the plane, and really taking pride in all that he does! 
i love me my pilot husband. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

happy birthday!!

happy 26 to the husband!

for gabe's birthday celebration, we did the week long version! - we celebrated his birthday week. so, from august 1st through his birthday on august 8th, we had something special planned for each day- something as small as a dinner out, or a surprise gift of nice liquor or wine, to movie out with popcorn AND coke! (which we never do!) 

then the day before his birthday, we celebrated with his family, by having a progressive dinner. we started @ terra nostra, for appetizers & wine. then we made our way to easy bistro for seafood, and .... more wine. then we headed to gabe's parents house for dessert & gifts. 
i had made him this chocolate oreo cheesecake, and peanut butter brownies. (YUM). 

thank you Lord for such a wonderful husband, and for his 26 years! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011


this weekend, gabe & drove the uhaul full of erin's stuff to birmingham, to help her move into her first college apartment! can't believe she is a senior! wow.

wisconsin view.

traveling home.
wisconsin views.