Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween.

happy halloween.
gabe & i never really do anything to celebrate this day, but we did buy some candy for the pup. 
gabe gave cannon some, and it was just so cute. cannon took his one little candy corn over to his bed, and snuggled it, looked up at gabe as if to ask if it was alright that he eat it, and then sniffed it, and then ate it. it was hysterically cute.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

etsy hobby.

i have always struggled with a "career choice" or a "calling" in my life. 
i have just always wanted to do something that i enjoy, and that can pay the bills. life is to short to be miserable 5 days a week. i am a firm believer in the phrase, "work to live, don't live to work". 

so, i decided to start a new phase of my work - i quit my day job, started nannying, which is something i love to do- and somehow, was convinced by my husband, and good friends, and parents to start an etsy shop. i got brave, and did it.
i decided to call it "lovely written words", i wanted this to be something personal, something i loved doing, and so it had to be handwritten things- my initials are LWW, and so i named my shop with those initials too.
and, actually, it has gone very well so far, if i do say so myself. 
this is the link to my shop:

and, i am having a blast!- and i am LEARNING a lot. i am so new at this- my shop clearly displays how new i am to web design, organization, and being a business woman.
i am a work in progress. 

best decision ever / flashback.

just a little flashback.....

this time two years ago, gabe and i were newlyweds. 
oh, those fun, new days of being married.... i never would have believed it could get better than that, but time has proven that our love only gets stronger, and we only know how to have so much more fun as our marriage grows.

i sure got lucky.

here are some flashback photos of my favorite day. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011


so, my mom is kind of a stud.
she just finished her 5th half-marathon! 
i went with her to cheer her on....

sweet c walks.

sweet cannon and i have been going on lots and lots of walks!
the weather is perfect, and he is loving tromping through the woods, running from lake to lake, and stopping to smell all the insects on the road. 
he is a hoot. i just love him.

this was a beautiful sunset we saw on one of our later in the day walks.... so pretty!

and this is cannon all snuggled up in bed.... can you find him? this is how cold he gets.

leaves falling.

the leaves are falling....

now that the cool air has settled in, it is nice to be outside, and enjoy soaking up the last little bit of warm sun, and see the pretty colors. 
fall is my favorite time of year. i hope that it stays a while, and isn't rushed out by winter.

2 YR in the DR

we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary with a trip to the dominican republic!
it was such a fun time to take off, get out of the routines of our busy lives, and get away, and have absolutely nothing, and i mean NOTHING to do, but lay on the beach, or swim in the pool, or.... drink a few beachy drinks! 

we had the time of our life. 
we stayed in the sister resort to where we went on our honeymoon. it was a NOW resort, and it was awesome!