Monday, February 27, 2012


25 weeks: 
it just keeps getting bigger & bigger.

sunday dinner.

we have this thing going where we eat with our good friends the demoss's every sunday night. we alternate who cooks, and which home we go to, and it has been so much fun! this weekend it was our turn, and it was timmy's birthday week, so we decided to go all out! i made him his favorite cake... pineapple upside-down cake. it was my first time, and thankfully, a complete success!

was a super fun night! happy birthday timmy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


we have officially started the renovations/changes to the new house.... slowly making it our home!

here are some before pictures of the house:

the front door:

view of the living room right as you walk in:

view from living room to kitchen:

master bath:

downstairs, family room:

gab's office:

back door:

baby's room:

downstairs bathroom:

we have lots of work to do to make the house our own, but slowly we will get it all done! we can't wait to move in, and live in our very own home!
currently, we are working on the upstairs (living room, kitchen, pantry, master bed & bath) and then we will move in, and continue to work on the downstairs level (laundry, family room, baby room, bathroom & gabe's office).

Friday, February 17, 2012

made my day.

so, my dad called me and said, "you have a package here that came in the mail today, and i am very curious to see what it is. it is from michelle." 
and, since my sister michelle lives about a mile from me, i was didn't think she would actually mail something to me, and i couldn't think of another michelle that would be mailing me anything, so i said, " you mean, my sister michelle?"  dad laughed and said, "yes".

so, i drove right to the house, and opened a package that was indeed from my sister, and it made my day.
happy valentines to me from michelle.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the growing bump.

23 week baby bump.
when i look @ this photo, it looks a lot smaller than it feels (& looks in real life) .... i am huge. 
up 16 pounds. 
feeling really tired, always hungry, always thirsty, but loving all the movement i feel! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


valentines day... oh, valentines day. 
honestly, i have mixed feelings about valentines day. it is such a "hallmark holiday" as some say. a day to buy overpriced chocolates, flowers and teddy bears. go out to eat at places that the menu is special for that one night with higher prices than usual. a day that we are all suppose to tell whoever we love, that we love them. - which in some ways is good- it is good to have ONE day of the year to remind us to do what we should be doing EVERY day of the year. 
i am blessed enough to say that my husband is one of those people that makes everyday, valentines day.

in the morning he surprised me with the sweetest note & my favorite... coupons! - coupons for breakfast dates, shopping trips, massages & car cleanings. love cashing these things in. 

& i guess that great minds think alike, because i gave him the same thing!
he's always doing sweet things for me, and most of the work of the house (now that i am pregnant) and so i thought he deserved a few relaxing moments away @ the spa...

& cannon. we can't forget about stinky. we got him:

& we picked up the cutest little onsie for baby boy:

we headed to a movie -the vow-  in which we got BOTH popcorn & coke... which we never do! so, it was a treat, and then did some shopping. (yes, gabe took me to buy a few pieces of maternity wear, so that i actually have a few things i can fit into) & then we grabbed PF Changs to-go

came home & ate on the couch by candle light. looooooove eating on the couch. 
it was a super fun day, and all i have to say is:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

tough mudder.

for the past few months, gabe & his two friends john & timmy have been training every week together for the tough mudder. it is this ridiculous event testing your physical strength in every way. it is 12 miles through creeks, lakes, hills, & mud and includes 27 very tough obstacles. 
so, we traveled to washington, ga for this crazy run. 
and i must say, it was a sight to be seen! i couldn't believe everything that they did, the teamwork that they had, and the pain they endured to finish & be able to call themselves "mudders" 

here are some photos of the painful 2.5 hours of torture they went through:

running with logs for 1 of the miles.

climbing out of dumpster full of ice water. 

trudging through dumpster full of ice water .

gabe about to jump off into lake for the swim.

crawling under electric shockers. 

had to climb up & down a huge pile of hay bails. 

praise the Lord he finished with no big injuries!

good teamwork!


good job guys! was a blast to watch you kick some major a$$!!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

family photo.

todays walk photo album.
not a family of three for that much longer!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


so far this winter has been very mild, the beauty is abounding - it is a constant reminder that the Lord is a true artist! 

oh sweet c.

sweet c.
oh how we love our cannon.
we are truly soaking in the last few months while just having one "kid".

but we are SO excited about our soonish new addition!... i can't resist all the adorable little boy clothes. this little onsie is just so cute! the little alligator on it... eek! so cute.

and we got a crib! ... well, a sweet, sweet family gave us their crib that their three girls have grown out of. so, we are very blessed to have such a gift... now to make it my own. debating painting it yellow.. or should i leave it white? what to do, what to do?

Monday, February 6, 2012

nursery inspiration.

gabe and i were talking the other day, and realized that almost every single thing in our life is changing or is about to change. sometimes change can be really scary, and not lots of fun, but thank goodness that all this changing that is happening is good! - still scary, but good!

we just bought a house!
we don't close on it/ move in until next week, but i am already trying to plan baby boy's room. so, here are some nursery ideas that i've seen, and LOVE. 

i absolutely love the idea of having the abc's on the wall, its just that i am scared i won't be able to find super cute letters like these people have! where did they find all that cute stuff?- and i don't want an animal theme, i just want cute colors, and stripes and dots i think. something that is easy to grow into. 
and i sure do love colored cribs:

so many things to love! ... so hard to decide what i want!