Wednesday, May 30, 2012

little L.

we are so enjoying little landon! i swear that i could sit & watch him sleep all day long. his precious every little move. he is perfect, absolutely perfect.

he is doing so well! he started out pretty tiny, but is eating like a champ, and growing like crazy. it already has me sad. i want him to stay tiny forever! he's done so many things already- gone to the mothership with me (target) been out to eat @ the lookout mountain cafe (we sat outside on the porch, and he enjoyed fresh air) & he has been on walks around the golf course @ the farm, and around our neighborhood. and he has been loved on by his grandparents, and all of his adoring aunts. &.... he even touched cannon. 

gabe & i love our sweet little family. 
we. are. so. blessed. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

welcome to the world.

the first day of may brought a sweet surprise!

introducing..... LANDON WARREN WEAVER. 

how can one little guy be so cute?! is he for real?!..... i am SO IN LOVE.