Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 month check-up.

landon had his 2 month check-up @ the doctor today... he has grown so much! i now have a 9 pound baby!! 

he is 22.5 inches long now!

his eyes and nose and little ears are looking good!

growing, growing.... everything is on track... he's still tiny for his age, and in the bottom of the percentiles, but growing well!

and.... the dreaded shots. thank goodness gabe came with us for this appointment, i couldn't have done it by myself. tears. real tears. 

thank you Lord, for a healthy baby!

growing, growing.

I'm sure i have thousands and thousands of pictures of little landon, but he seems to be growing and changing all the time, so i can't stop taking photos! 

just a typical day in the life of Landon.....
playing on his blanket, tummy time, nap time, stroller time, and snuggle time. 
oooooh, i love him.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

first fathers day.


we had a celebration! 
here are all the weaver men.

L's 1st month.

this first month of landon's life has been so.much.fun. 
i am seriously loving my new little buddy, and i swear he gets cuter by the minute. i could just stare at him all day long... in fact, most days, that is exactly what i do. 

just a little photo recap of his first month:

his aunts LOVE him.

he got to meet his GREAT grandmother! 
(how special!)

Gabe is such a wonderful father.
(i am so blessed!)

we did his footprint on his one month birthday!

mother / son snuggling.
(the best moments ever.)

his super cute feet & toes.

all his little features. ahhhhhhhhh precious.

i am SO in love with my little guy.
thank you Lord.
i am so blessed.

Friday, June 1, 2012

each day.

i have the app on my phone "project 365" which allows you to document your days with a photo. so, of course, every day in May was all about little Landon.