Wednesday, September 12, 2012

so. much. fun.

little. landon. is. so. much. fun.

& he has been having so much fun with his toys!

4 month checkup.

we had our four month checkup! - shots and all. 
it is so much fun to go and see how much he weighs, and how long he is and in what percentile he falls. little guy is growing!

13.1 pounds. (10th %)
25 inches long (75th %) 

he is long and skinny, not a role on him!

here is daddy comforting him before he gets his shots. poor little guy didn't know what was coming....

Friday, September 7, 2012


so, we are making friends with the ER.
3 visits in 4 months.
@ our most recent visits we discovered that he has a dairy/soy allergy, and then that he has croup.
poor little buddy!

poor little band had to be on L's foot:

snuggles with daddy while we wait @ the ER.
(2nd visit, when we found out he has a dairy/soy allergy)

snuggles with daddy. 
(3rd visit where we found out he had croup)

poor little sick baby swinging the day away.

& finally today he felt much better! we even got some smiles and coo's out of him. such a happy sweet little bambino.

& we made a trip over to see GoGo & Poppy. 
(my parents)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

new things.

people who see this photo of us tell me that L looks a lot like my dad:

he's getting so big & strong! he is loving tummy time, and really starting to get interactive. 

we do footprints every month, and he is growing, growing, growing. 

the other night he didn't wanna go to bed, and that was just fine with me... more snuggle time!

this bumbo chair cracks me up.... he's just sitting in the middle of the floor in it. so cute. so tiny.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

happy 4 months!

birthday boy again!
happy 4 month birthday little buddy, we LOVE YOU so very much.

highlights of this past month:
1. you smile all the time
2. you laughed for the first time
3. you rolled over
4. you talk to us & coo