Wednesday, October 31, 2012


i can't believe it, but Landon eats from a high chair now!
we have started rice cereal & mushed up human food! whoohoo. it is so much fun to watch him try to eat. 

he is also loving his walker! 
he just moves all over in it, and it is hysterically cute.

Monday, October 29, 2012

date night.

we had a fabulous time @ our friend's wedding - such a fun date night.
thanks family for taking care of L so we could have a night out!!

cold weather.

oh cold, cold, cold weather.

he is so bundled, in his sleeping bag type thing in his stroller. soooo snuggly and cute.

how cute can one kid be?


a week ago, landon and i woke up early to go cheer on GoGo & Erin in the half marathon! 
it was a beautiful morning, and they did so well! 

their reward?... kissing Landon!

Landon also recently had his first day of nursery. I have wednesday womens bible study, and its right during his nap time, so he has a hard time behaving, so i tried to grow up, be brave, and put him in nursery. of course, it went well, although i cried like a crazy person. - even though my bible study is about 20 feet away from his nursery room. 
afterwards, we had some sweet, sweet, sweet snuggle time.

we also visited Landon's great grandmother this week!
we had a great time, laughing & showing her how he could roll over.

enjoying fall.

the thing i enjoy most right now, is the nice cool weather, and walks while pushing L in the stroller.  he's happy, i'm happy, we are all getting fresh air, and its a nice change of pace from playing inside. - and we are enjoying it before it gets too cold!

the other day we went on a family walk, and half way through, gabe looked down and said... woah, i have two different shoes on. haha. oh our tired minds... 

couldn't resist laying L down in the leaves. 

he does love his pacifier.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

1st camping trip.

the weavers & two sets of the demoss' went camping last night @ the warren family farm! 
such a fun time! - and Landon was amazing! he slept through the whole night, and loved the camp fire!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


fall is officially here on lookout mountain.
it is beautiful, and i thoroughly enjoy our little walks together. 

he is also loving his home made baby food! 
apples & sweet potatoes! feeding him just got soooo much more fun! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


today was a fun day.. as usual. i was reminded that being a stay at home mom is such a blessing. getting to see every new little expression, and activity that Landon does, is so amazing!

today we had fun together chilling out on the couch talking to each other...

gabe left the house and came home with these.... just because he loves me. 
like i said, i am blessed.

we went on a stroll- daddy came too. we love late afternoon walks!

& today he tried sweet potatoes for the first time! i just started making baby food the other day from scratch! its so much fun. so, we are having a fun watching L try new foods!!
he ate it all up!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

rice cereal!

he's starting to eat rice cereal! we have so much fun watching the faces he makes.
he is teething like crazy & is loving all his toys he can bite & chew on.

Monday, October 15, 2012

five & one half months.

"little bit" is 5 1/2 months old!

look @ those strong legs!!

the shoesies are crackin' me up.
thank you demoss family for the sweet baptism gift!