Monday, November 26, 2012

cute things.

i swear i have the cutest kid ever. here are some of the new/cute things he has been doing lately:

he gathers his blocks.

he always wants toys in both hands.

he gathers his pacifiers. (SO CUTE)

loves his fishy.

oh.... & then there is this.... his first time in a videogame store. ugh. 


there is SO MUCH to be thankful for!!!

we could not be more blessed.

we spent thanksgiving day with my family!

my pretty sisters...

landon's great grandmother!

cool aunt jen & landon.

family pic.

my aunt becky & uncle jimmy & grandmother!

landon loves it when his daddy flies him up in the air.

Monday, November 12, 2012

weekend activities.

this weekend was full of fun and relaxing.

friday night we went to the hang gliding look off and watched the sun set as a family of three.

then on sunday, we went on a hike with my family.

L got tired, and cute little thing fell asleep like this:

lookin' up

i walked into the living room the other morning, and this is what i saw:

landon is lookin' up to his daddy already.


finally landon is big enough to wear the super cute t-shirt that my friend megan got him! 
he's reppin' wheaton college!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

growing up.

since landon turned 6 months, seven days ago, i swear he has grown up so much! he is suddenly such a big boy! he is taking so much in, and really paying attention to everything. he smiles all the time, laughs and giggles with us, and tries to touch cannon when he gets close. 

landon got to go vote with us the other day. his very first election day!

snuggle time is my favorite time, and lately landon has been more snuggly than usual. it is so sweet. he will actually do sometime like a hug. its so cute. 

we had creative time today (for me... working on his scrapbook) and we did footprints again! 

we've been going on tons of walks. he likes the cooler weather, and i love being able to walk for a long time without sweating to death. ahh the cool weather, how i love you.
today, he fell asleep with his little hat over his eyes. he's so silly.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

6 months.

six months!
happy birthday bug-a-boo! 

we are SO thankful for you every single day. 
you are such a little light in our life. 
we. are. so. blessed.

his six month check-up was  a day early... on halloween. it was fun because the whole doctors office was dressed up in funny costumes. 

dreaded shots...

landon & dr. coffman.

i can't believe i am holding my baby @ his 6 month check up! 
where did the time go?

i now have a 15 pound baby!!!

26 inches long!

he is PERFECT.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

first halloween.


gabe & i had a little pumpkin carving contest. guess who carved which pumpkin!

any guesses?
surprisingly, Gabe carved the "W" pumpkin, and i carved the face... i guess we are rubbing off on each other! 

our little lion, landon!