Friday, July 26, 2013


yesterday we had a little play date with 2 other boys that were born within days of landon. its so fun to have friends the same age for him to play with! 

& this is when we cleaned up after the play date.... what mommy does, landon copies.
it really made me laugh.
i started vacuuming, so he got his popper, and started "vacuuming" too. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013


landon is growing up so quickly.
every day he does something new, learns something new, and is cuter and cuter by the minute.

these photos are from our outing the other day to the commons. he LOVES being outside, and exploring, so taking him to the playground is great, he walks everywhere!

we went to watch the sunset, and look @ the valley the other day, and landon saw a plane flying with a hangglider, and pointed!!

he watches everything we do- here he is pretending to be like his daddy. so cute.

we ate dinner @ mamaws house! 
landon with his great grandmother. 

this literally happened. i walked in to the kitchen and found landon lying on the floor like this- he was licking up a smushed nutrigrain bar off the floor. it was one of the funniest things i have seen in my whole life.

daddy got a new car! - so we went on a drive... looks like landon is loving it!

first day to eat breakfast with a spoon!! it was so cute, and he LOVED it.

while mommy makes cookies, landon gets in the drawers???.... he is too funny sometimes. 

another little outing to the commons to run and play in the grass. 

brothers bonding.

landon watching cartoons in his chair. so. cute.

landon is starting to love his toys!! especially his planes and cars. 
he. shoes. & waterbottles.

i am very much enjoying these last few weeks with just landon before baby #2 arrives!